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We offer a large collection of value-added information products derived from high resolution archive satellite images and ortophoto images produced by means of small UAVs, as well as derivatives produced from public-domain GMES datasets shared by public agencies of Europe and the US (European Space Agency, European Environment Agency and US Geological Survey).

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Landimage.eu site can be useful for persons and companies which require the operative up to date high resolution aerial information – satellite images, ortophoto images, ortophoto maps etc. This information can be used by farmers, forest monitoring specialists, land planners, construction engineers, ecologists, emergency services and other professionals interested in the operational remote sensing imagery.

Historical datasets of the main biophysical parameters (Vegetation Indexes - NDVI, RDVI), climatic variables (Water Index - NDWI) and color-enhanced GRB composites of the satellite images (useful for visual analysis and photo-interpretation) within a comprehensive time-series dating back to mid-eighties are also provided. A series of geomorphological parameters (elevation, slope, aspect and geomorphological classification), may be useful for various analytical purposes within the scientific community. The collection of free Earth-observation scientific information will continue to grow, as much more data is available.

High resolution (up to 2 cm/pix) ortophoto images are obtained by small UAVs from low (up to 120 m) altitude, which short time for images delivery, low influence of cloud cover and high accuracy. High resolution ortophoto images can be done at practically any area of territory of Lithuania. At the Landimage web page the examples of ortophoto images are presented (and the information is constantly renewed) in visual and Near Infra-Red (NIR) spectrums. NIR images can be used to obtain the Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI) data. Images (of different date or spectrum) can be also compared to get the changes and similarities.

The examples of processed ortophoto images are shown in the web page. Please call us if you need more detailed information or want to order data. Ortophoto images will be supplied (either uploaded to web page or to customer directly) in a short time (1-7 days depending on weather conditions)." %}

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The web site was created by Lithuanian Space Association under the project "Development of National Space Platform (SCIENCE4SPACE)", project number VP1-3.1-ŠMM-05-K-02-014.

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